"The biggest tangible change I've experienced since working with Nicole is my relationship with food. I am no longer feeling anxious about the amount and type of food I eat. Having a different relationship with food really changes your life. I am able to cook and eat with confidence and compassion for myself because I know now that I am nourishing myself with the ingredients I choose. The practice of being mindful of when and how I eat has also helped me to appreciate how I take care of myself. The changes Nicole has helped me to achieve have been really revolutionary for me and I feel like a new person. I exercise more often, have more clarity and energy for everything! It has even impacted the way my family eats because they have seen how great I feel."


“The biggest tangible changes I’ve noticed since beginning the Sabella Wellness 6-Month Program have been a better nutritional recovery and refuel after physical activity, a calmer mind, greater certainty in my decisions, confidence in my body, organized thoughts, and understanding the importance of self-care… Nicole was able to help me work toward my goals by guiding me in breaking down a situation and ultimately suggesting exercises or an entirely new perspective or approach. Nicole simplifies anything I bring to her, allowing me to see the situation with clarity and facilitates the solving.”



“I would describe Nicole as caring and supportive.  Most importantly non-judgmental.”


“I would describe Nicole as respectful, composed, creative, and bold. Someone who listens attentively and is extremely personal with her ideas.”



“My top three goals upon starting the 6-Month Program were to get control of my eating, be able to stop binge eating, and have a “normal” relationship with food. Nicole was able to help me work toward these goals by confronting some bad habits and suggesting ways to correct them slowly, giving me encouragement and cheering my successes, providing handouts and other sources that made me more aware to move forward toward my goals… I would recommend my coach to anyone who wants to make a change. It is hard when your goal seems so far away. She keeps you focused and reminds you changes take time and any movement forward is progress.”



"I would describe Nicole as compassionate, educated and dedicated.  She is able to intuit the direction you need to go and works with you in such a caring way that you start to feel care for yourself. I have worked with nutritionists in the past but Nicole understands how to work with the whole person, not just a plate diagram. But even her plate diagrams are unique and inspire reflection!"


“Nicole has given me great tools to stay healthy!”



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